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Welcome to The Brew Estate

The Brew Estate was launched in 2016 with a globally inspired vision to bring the craft beer experience in the city beautiful, Chandigarh, with global multicuisine and mesmerizing drinks that hold amazing cocktails and mocktails. It is the first microbrewery in Chandigarh. Since then, our craft beer has evolved greatly. We have experimented and made unimaginable combinations which is why we take great pride in our craft beers.

The Brew Estate is now one of the largest microbrewery chains & cafés in India, where you step in once and repeatedly want to come back to re-live the unforgettable experience! The café-style décor ensures that you'll be immersed in the warmth of the place as we host all types of gatherings! The bar, with its delectable range of spirits, will keep you well entertained during those nights of joyous get-togethers. We have been and continue to expand successfully throughout the country and world with the love that we get from our visitors.

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The Brew Estate is a Brewpub with the perfect blend of food, drinks and music. A place for everyone to enjoy and celebrate. Our beer is regularly updated and brewed with precision each time. For the beer to be great, our ingredients come all the way from western countries. The Malt is from Germany; the hops from the UK, US, and Germany; and the Yeast from Belgium. There will always be one variant that hits home with you. Not just that, along with the beer, comes the mesmerizing multicuisine food, the harmony of such combination with entrancing music will sweep you off your feet. With a vibe of living life to its full in our brewery, our brews, straight from Germany and Belgium, have a way of making your palate scream for more.

Say yes to your cravings for the food, drinks and entertainment with The Brew Estate – Café by Day, Pub by Night.



Our motto is cook with passion, brew with precision and serve with love. We have abided by our motto that's why we are en route rapid expansion. We extensively work on bringing the best beers and food to our customers. Customer satisfaction and service is the most important aspect to Brew Estate, and will always be our main focus.


We want everyone to have the real authentic beer straight from Germany and Belgium. Through our journey, we have instilled beer tradition in the north. We celebrate major food and beer festivals which keeps updating our taste palate and brings traditions together. We will keep introducing phenomenal beers, drinks and fusion of food as we expand.

Varun Singla


Meet the man behind The Brew Estate’s success and proliferation.
Varundeep Singla, the director of The Brew Estate, is the mastermind behind The Brew Estate's accomplishments. In addition to managing the ongoing operations, he oversees the expansion plans of this widely popular brewery.
“Our mission at The Brew Estate is to bring together the passion behind craft beer, delicious food, and a high level of entertainment while spending time with family and friends. Once we started, there was never a need to look back due to the positive response we got in our cafe cum pub. In the coming years, we envision expanding globally and spreading our passion for this art of Brewing combined with the leisure experience.” Says Varundeep Singla.